Frequently Asked Questions

Pengenna PastiesAbout our Pasties

Q: Are your pasties fresh?
A: Yes. Each order is freshly baked the day it goes out. For Pasties By Post we use a technique called Blast Chilling.

Q: So what is Blast Chilling?
A: Glad you asked. Once the pasty has been freshly baked we rapidly chill it. This enables all the lovely fresh flavours to be sealed in. When you reheat them all those delicious flavours are released - it will be like being back in Cornwall! Try them yourseves.

Q: How do I reheat them?
A: If you've frozen them defrost first.
In oven: 1/2 hour at gas mark 3; electric 150 °C
In microwave: 2 - 3 minutes on high - heat one pasty at a time.
NOTE: Oven and microwave ratings vary so always check the pasties are heated through to the centre.

Q: Do you offer Gluten free pasties?
A: Not at the moment, the logistics are to difficult. But this is something we will continue to monitor.


Ordering and Payment

Q: What is the cut off time for ordering for next day delivery?

A: We make all our Pasties by Post fresh each day. To allow for them to baked, cooled down and Blast Chilled we need to receive your order by 9.30am for next day delivey. Please be aware 1) We are NOT a 24hr bakery. 2) Our courier only picks up once a day. 3) If internet traffic is busy your order might not reach us for an hour or two so please allow the time for the order to reach us.

Q: What's the minimum order?
A: The minimum order is 12 (one dozen). You can order as many as you would like after that.

Q: Do you use a secure payment system?
A: Yes. We use a secure system called PaymentSense for all our online sales. For information we collect please look at our Privacy Statement.



Q: Which credit cards do you accept?
A: We accept only the following credit cards: Visa Credit, Visa Debit, MasterCard Credit, MasterCard Debit, Visa Electron, Maestro and JCB.

Q: When are your physical shops open?
A: We're open Monday - Sunday 9am - 5pm (In the winter we might close a little earlier and in the summer we'll stay open a little longer)


Postage and Packing

Q: What are your postal rates?
A: 12 - 18 pasties is £12.95 (minimum order is 12); 19 - 36 is an extra £9.95; 37 - 54 a further £9.95.
So if you order 45 pasties the shipping cost would be £32.85

Q: I ordered my pasties on Friday - where are they?
A: All orders received Monday - Thursday, by the 9.30am cut off time (see above) will be made up and sent out the following day - so if you ordered your pasty on Tuesday evening it will be made up first thing Wednesday morning and shipped out that day. All orders received Friday to Sunday (which will include Monday's if there is a Bank Holiday) will be made up on the next working day and shipped out that day. Please be aware: If you order on reaches us after 9:30am on a Thursday it will not be posted out until the following Monday.

Q: How are your pasties shipped?
A: All our pasties are shipped using FedEx and need to be signed for - so please make sure someone is in to receive the package.

Q: Where do you ship to?
A: At the moment we only ship to the UK which includes Scotland andWales. Unfortunately we do not ship to Northern Ireland.

Q: How are your pasties shipped?
A: All our pasties are Blast Chilled which means they reach you in the freshest possible way they can. You can then either freeze them straight away or pop them straight into the oven or microwave to bake then serve.

Q: Can I order any mix of pasties I want?
A: Yes you can. Just selct the number next to each pasty option. As long as you order 12 or over you can pick from our five different pasties.

Q: My pasties have turned up how do I recognise which is which?
A: Top-crimped with no marking on the side is our Traditional Steak pasty, top-crimped with an L on the side is Lamb and top-crimped with a triangle is Steak and Stilton. Side-crimped with no marking is our Vegetable pasty and side-crimped with a O (circle) is our Cheese and Onion pasty.

Q: I want to order some pasties for a large party can you cater for me?
A: Yes we can. Please ring us on 01288 355169 with your requirements and we can arrange your bespoke order with you.



Q: I've ordered the wrong pasties can I send them back?
A: Unfortunately we cannot accept returns. So please make sure your order is correct at the time of ordering.

Q: My order hasn't arrived what's happened?
A: All orders are sent out next working day (except Friday orders and Bank Holiday's as mentioned above) and have to be signed for upon arrival. If we received your order after the 9.30am cut off time (see above) it will go out the next day. If your order hasn't arrived that afternoon please call us at your convenience on 01288 355169.

Pengenna Pasties Ltd. is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 05747047.
Registered office: Harland Accountants, 35 High Cross St., St. Austell, Cornwall, PL25 4AN
Tel: 01288 355169